For Registering New User in K21 Biometric device follow the below steps.

New User section of K21 fingerprint biometric device
New User Information in K21 fingerprint biometric device
Enroll fingerprint in K21 biometric device

In this post, you will know the most important point of the K21 fingerprint biometric device.

Follow the below steps for registering New Users in K21 fingerprint biometric device.

Step 1: For registering new user press M/Ok button on the device.

Step 2: You can see the below screen on the device which shows "User Mgt" option.

Biometric device menu

K21 Menu

Step 3: Press M/Ok button after selecting "User Mgt" option.

Step 4: You can see the below screen on the device which shows "New User" option.

New User

New User

Step 5: Press M/Ok button on "New User" option.

Step 6: You can see the below screen on the device which shows the below screen.

New User Information in K21

New User Information

Step 7: Enter User ID or EP No. of staff or student then go to FP option for registering a fingerprint.

Step 8: After going on FP (3rd no option on above screen) press M/Ok button. You will see the below screen.

Enroll Finger Print in K21

Enroll Finger Print

Step 9: Press finger (which finger you want to register) on fingerprint sensor for 3 times to register finger.

Step 10: After successful registration of finger it will show a green right mark on screen then press ESC and go to OK (M/<-) button and press M/Ok button.

Now new user registered successfully.