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There’s no point designing an innovative product or hosting a great sale or promotional event if no one ever hears about it. Creating consumer awareness and engagement is easy with our Bulk SMS service, which gives you the ability to design compelling marketing campaigns and broadcast them out to tens, hundreds, even thousands of customers at once.

With the simple click of a button, Bulk SMS messaging allows you to to reach your entire customer base simultaneously, while, with a read rate of 98%, it also ensures your message will be heard. Don’t get stuck with ineffective marketing channels, choose a solution used by over 85% of the world’s population – learn more about how your business can benefit from Bulk SMS messaging.

BULK SMS in Business

Benefit from Bulk SMS

At SMS Global we’ve seen first-hand the impact a Bulk SMS provider can have when used effectively, and witnessed it being used to grow revenue and drive results by companies ranging from large scale multinationals to smaller franchisees and soles traders. How can Bulk SMS messaging benefit your business?

Platform Integration

Send messages in bulk directly from our custom built SMSHUB platform, or via integration with your existing CRM using one of our flexible APIs. Choose the channel that best suits you.


Set up and use custom triggers or keywords to automate your SMS workflow by creating dynamic and naturally flowing mobile conversations with your customers.

All In One Location

Don’t be daunted by the sheer volume of messages sent. Have all reply messages forwarded directly to your email inbox or CRM of choice. Here you will be able to reply to individual messages, re-send to larger groups or follow up with calls.


Utilise our schedule and stagger features to send out Bulk SMS campaigns when it best suits you. Send all your messages in one burst or break them up into smaller groups depending on your requirements.

Sales Competitions & Promotions

Combine with 2-Way SMS, allowing you to create interactive and engaging marketing campaigns that can be sent, monitored and replied to, all via one platform.

Real Time Information

No delays or interruptions, have your inbound messages received in real time, allowing you to follow-up and respond instantly.

Bulk Sending with SMS HUB


Upload Your List

Simply format your contacts in Excel and save the document as a CSV or excel file. Once you are done you simply select ‘upload,’ and your lists will be formatted and stored in SMS HUB for use.

Personalise Your Message

Now you have your contacts uploaded, it’s time to formulate your message. Use our custom trigger and keyword tools to help make the message more personal.


Start Sending

Send to tens, hundreds even thousands of customers with the simply click of a button. Once your list has been uploaded, and your message has been customized, you are ready to get sending.

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