Education BULK SMS in education industry

With rising costs, shrinking budgets and increasing workloads it is becoming harder to provide exceptional service to those who need it most.

Manually dealing with processes creates unnecessary administration overheads, while using communication channels such as email can be ineffective and unreliable when you need to get a message out fast.

So, here the institute needs the Education BULK SMS system.

BULK SMS Education Industries

Providing a Breath of Fresh Air

These challenges among others can be overcome with the use of education BULK SMS.

As a communications channel, the benefits of education BULK SMS are broad. Messages are delivered instantly; meaning parents, students and staff can be communicated with in real-time.

The following outlines just some of the benefits both tertiary and education providers receive when integrating BULK SMS into their workflow.

Parental Communication

Remember those naughty kids at school that skipped class or were always late? There are always some, and truancy is an ongoing battle for many secondary schools.

By implementing an educational BULK SMS solution, parents can be informed instantly of their absence without needing to make a phone call.

Their replies can be automated, saving huge amounts of administration time.

Course Changes & Reminders

We all know that tertiary students are already too busy having fun.

Leading busy and often social filled lives, timetable and course changes can throw some students out.

Why not communicate with them through a medium they use in their everyday lives?

Utilizing education BULK SMS you can use replies to confirm changes and remove administration work.

New Student Recruitment

Using our online BULK SMS web platform, your messaging center can become a mobile marketing powerhouse.

Message your prospective students and families with reminders about open days, this could include delivering URL links that send them directly to your mobile optimized content.

Enrollment Process

Once you’ve got students interested and have started the enrollment process, there is a lot of paperwork.

Administrators don’t like it – nor do students, automating parts of the process can save everyone time.

Accepting offers become as simple as replying to an BULK SMS, and reminders can be sent just as easily.

Paper or Exam Results

Now we all know that feeling of either dread or excitement that creeps in when you’re waiting for an important result.

Why not send results via BULK SMS to improve the customer experience?

For IT systems that struggle under the load of students trying to view results at the same time, BULK SMS is a viable and cost effective solution.

Emergency / Disaster Management

In the unlikely event of an emergency situation, utilize the power of BULK SMS.

Messaging to bulk-send notifications to parents or students, notifying them of the current situation at hand and providing them with information regarding next steps available.

A Real World Example

One of our education institute clients approached us seeking assistance in creating a communications system to message large groups of staff, parents and students simultaneously.

The institute wished to send out alerts on topics including excursion reminders, details on curriculum days and upcoming institute fundraisers.

The Solution?

As a first step, we created an education BULK SMS account for the institute on our SMS HUB messaging platform.

We (ELSE WORLD Team) trained their administrative staff on how to upload and manage the institute contact database.

Using education BULK SMS account, institute staff were able to send out Bulk SMS campaigns to all parents (and in some cases students).

BULK SMS Education Industries

Due to education BULK SMS institute can notifying parents of the time-sensitive information and upcoming events.

Within months the introduction of BULK SMS into the institute communication workflow, which was previously restricted to phone calls and newsletters, was praised by both parents and teachers.

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