The rise of Airbnb and accommodation sharing apps has seen the way we travel and book accommodation change overnight.

Creating an authentic guest experience based on local knowledge and a personal touch is the key for hotels and resorts looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

Bulk SMS in Travel & Tourism

Connect with your Customers

Mobile messaging offers you a direct and personalised way of greeting guests, managing check-ins, and organising bookings for restaurants and recreation activities. Ensure you don’t get left behind by connecting with your guests using mobile messaging today. The following outlines just some of the benefits that organisations operating in the travel & tourism industry can expect to receive when integrating SMS messaging into their workflow.

Automated Check-in

Improve your customers experience by decreasing long lines and wait times. Offer your guests the opportunity to check-in, book hire cars and reserve tables straight from their mobile device.

Bon Voyage

Customer engagement shouldn’t end when your booking does – send courtesy messages to your guests thanking them for choosing you, or send through a questionnaire asking them to rate the satisfaction level of their stay.

Entertainment & Recreation

Grow engagement with your guests by alerting them to other exciting and engaging services offered by your hotel or guesthouse. Whether it be on-site restaurants, live entertainment shows, gyms, spas or saunas, ensure your guests don’t miss out during their stay.

CRM Compatible

SMS HUB messaging gateway can be integrated directly into most leading hotel management software, giving staff the ability to manage bookings and connect to guests all from the same platform. Contact one of our experts today to find out how.

Reservation Confirmations

Ensure room turnovers are completed to schedule by sending through arrival times and reservation confirmations before guests arrive, and a courtesy message reminding them of check out times once their stay is complete.

A Real World Example

A luxury hotel chain approached us as part of a project to increase customer engagement levels at several resort sites across the globe. Before contacting SMS HUB the company had no consistent method in place to send booking confirmations or confirm reservations, and their customer experience varied widely from one site to another. Establishing a consistent and personal method of contacting customers and managing their guest experience was clearly the way forward for boosting engagement levels across their brand.

The Solution?

By creating an account on SMS HUB web platform, our client’s staff were able to build out a customer engagement model where guests were sent a courtesy SMS containing details of their reservation dates and arrival time after booking online.

A second message was sent after check-in giving directions to the hotel spa complex as well as on-site restaurants and a link to an online room service menu. A final courtesy message was sent to guests at the end of their stay, advising them of check-out times and thanking them for staying at the hotel.

Bulk SMS in Travel & Tourism

This system was also paired with an SMS HUB dedicated number offering guests the ability to text in dynamic keywords to obtain further information about hotel services, such as booking hire cars for the day or extending their room reservation.

The introduction of SMS saw guest satisfaction levels increase by 30% based on end-of-stay surveys conducted by the hotel, and staff loved the decrease in queues at the front desk and the ability to respond instantly to guest requests via text message.

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