Retail is arguably one of the most aggressive industries today

Competition within the Retail industry comes not just from brick and mortar stores, but online stores as well giving consumers more choice than ever before. Furthermore, price checking and product research in-store has become the standard way to shop, particularly for big-ticket items. In such a highly competitive market, brand loyalty is becoming an elusive dream for many retailers.

Retail Bulk SMS

Discover the power of retail messaging for your business

While sales revenue is slipping through the fingers of most, there is a number of retailers capitalising on the growth in mobile and using it to drive in-store and online sales. The following highlights just some of the benefits our retail customers experience when using SMS to drive sales growth.

Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs that take advantage of SMS are seeing huge growth on offers and coupon redemptions. In many cases our customers yield a more than 300% increase when compared to email or hard copy offers.

The Multi-channel Approach

While SMS is proven to be effective as a siloed communication channel, it really shines when in combination with other marketing activities. For example, when prompting customers to check their email, SMS has been proven to increase email open rates by 30 – 40%.

Sales Promotions

Having a sale? Why not SMS your customers? With SMS your message gets read, instantly. By cutting out junk mail filters and delivering direct to a handset, your message is going to be heard. SMS boasts a read rate of over 97% – no other channel compares.

Customer Surveys

Want to get feedback from your customers? Just ask them. With SMS, customer surveys are easy to implement and get instant feedback. Even better, combine it with an in-store offer to drive additional engagement.

Build Your Customer Database

SMS is always at work, even when you’re not. By setting up a dedicated long or short code, customers can opt-in with their mobile to receive offers and updates without any assistance. All you need to do is advertise your number, at say the point-of-sale and you’re away.

A Real World Example

When Howards Storage World launched their loyalty program that included a free voucher on sign up, they expected great uptake. Customers had to fill out a form in-store, activate their membership via email and voilà, get a free voucher. But people weren’t activating, or redeeming the vouchers.

The Solution?

Simply send an SMS reminder. By reminding people that they had a voucher available for use, they increased their redemption rates by 25%. Furthermore, there was an improvement in account activation's by over 11%. All of this was achieved by adding a simple SMS to the process workflow.

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