N-WL20 for the most basic Attendance Needs

WL20 Fingerprint device with Wifi connectivity

Biomax made something that uses wireless tech to communicate with biometric. No need to worry about the LAN cabling i.e network layout of the office. N-WL20 has wireless (Wifi) Connectivity.

So add your wifi hotspot through mobile or any router into the N-WL20 and biometric device is ready to transfer the data of the attendance to the software.

N-WL20 adds a decent look to your premises with its unique design and shady curves. We prefer quality with the looks, made with robust material that is durable. 

N-WL20 is fixed with the processor of a high-quality chipset. N-WL20 gives its users an admirable experience. The main reason to use this advanced processor is to make daily functions like modifying the settings, addition, deletion, and modification in users can be done easily.

For those who don't want to use the communication medium through Wifi, N-WL20 also has a USB medium for manual data log fetching.
We don't compromise on our quality of the fingerprint sensor in N-WL20, whether the user has to verify ink, mehndi, or any color, even rough, dry fingers too.

Get regular reports and don't stress out about the attendance of your employees. We have made this device to provide you correct attendance status of users. 

N-WL20 Specification

WL20 Fingerprint device specification

Storage Capacity

Finger Capacity : 1000

Log Capacity : 150000
Password Capacity : 1000
Max. User : 1000


Wifi, USB
Push Data : Yes
OS : Linux

Audio / Visual

LCD : 2.4" TFT color screen 320x240 pixel
Voice instruction : 16-bit Hi-Fi voice & sound indication
Language : English


FAR: 0.00001%
FRR: 0.001%
Sensor type: 500 DPI
Identification Mode: Fingerprint, PIN

Power & Environment

Operating Temperature : 0°c ~ 50°c
Power : 5VDC/1A
Dimension (L*H*W) : 180 x 130 x 35 mm


Desktop, Web , Cloud
SSR : Yes (Optional)

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