We provide child safety system through RFID card, Finger Print & Face Reader.

Else World is leading manufacturer of students attendance management system, this system is very helpful to school & parents.

Why automated attendance system required?

From last 3-4 years the graph of crime is rising gradually every day. If you wish to save your time and get ease from your agony of worrying each day and hour whether or not your child has reached/left the school safely, then SAM is ones that is can make possible to secure your child and kill your worries. Parents get an instant sms notification through high integrated automatic sms on their mobile phones as ever their child enters/exits to the school.

How Attendance System works?

Children have been provided RFID based i-Cards. As they show their i-Cards on the RFID reader device during enter/exit time from the school, their parents whether, where are they at home, at office, in traffic, or travelling they come to know that their child has entered or exited to the school through an instant high integrated real-time automatic sms “mummy/daddy, I’m in school now!” or “mummy/daddy, I just left to the school” and automatic school attendance is done. The school authorities can see the real-time attendance of the students through our customize application School Attendance Management (SAM) system.

SAM provide lots of benefits an open-heart to parents
  1. Time & date of entry and exit of their child.
  2. Fees position if any fee is due alert sms.
  3. Events.
  4. School day.
  5. Functions.
  6. Extra classes.
  7. Private holiday Information.
  8. Exam result SMS.
  9. Weekly homework information.
  10. Emergency holidays.
  11. Exam timetable.
  12. If student bunked school without parent’s permission instant alert SMS on parent’s mobile.
  13. Results and any other important information for children will provided through sms.
SAM has also happiness for School management
  1. No attendance register required for student attendance.
  2. Electrical connection, stabilizer and cables to be provided by the school or college.
  3. Internet connection should be in school/collage for message sending.
  4. All information and data in soft format will be provided to the company.
  5. PC or laptop must be with the school.
  6. Parents meeting information sending message.
  7. Open house meeting information sending message.
  8. Between year result performance details sending message.
  9. Individual student emergency information sending message.
  10. Every festival related message.
  11. Accidental holiday sending message.
  12. Private Holiday sending message.
  13. Fee related information sending message.
  14. Improve attendance ratio.
  15. Attendance graph Boys & Girls wise.
  16. Particular standard and in bulk presentee and absentee grand total of students.
  17. Between year any extra activity, functions, celebrations, programs, national festivals, etc. Following information can inform parents sending message.
  18. Any other information of school can be informed to parents by sending message.

Reports of SAM

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